I’ve Heard About You

I find that I say that a lot.  If someone has talked to me about someone and then I meet them I will say, “I’ve heard about you.”  

Just this morning I went to pick up a customer and she had order another cab to pick her up.  So the guy gets out of the van and walks up to introduce himself.  It so happens to be the owner of the company.  I introduce myself to him while I wait for “K” to come out and I say, “I’ve heard about you.”

Now why did I say that?  It is almost rude when you think about it.  What does he think that I’ve heard?  He says, “Oh yeah? What about?”  Now of course I can’t tell him what I’ve heard because then he would know who said what and not all of it is nice. 

So this is the impression I now have made on my competitor that I just met for the first time.  What does he think about me now?  Who knows. Is it rude? Most likely. But if  I find that I have heard about you and then I meet you I will say, “I’ve heard about you.”

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